automatic-cat-feederYou can not look after your cute little cats when you are far from home, an automatic cat feeder would help. This machine allows you to automatically deliver a proper amount of food at a specific schedule to your pets. There is a huge demand for this kind of devices available among us, therefore, there is also a wide range of products manufactured. It requires a significant amount of time to find the right one. That’s why we write this article with the aim of helping you make the exact choice faster. Or you can just simply type the keywords “automatic cat feeder reviews” on google search engine and millions of results will immediately appear before your eyes. However, be cautious with the reviews who has the main purpose to make money from your purchases because their reviews will not be unbiased.

The criteria that a good automatic cat feeder should surpass

There are 3 main aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing an automatic cat feeder. Your predetermined quantity of days that you are willing to prepare meals for your cat, the specific amount of food that your cat needs per each meal and how wet the food will be.

Time programming feature

An automatic cat feeder can feature a timer which range from 1 days to 30 days ahead. A cheap one permits you to decide only one time the moment that the feeder will be activated. A costly feeder can set different times to dispense food per day. Depends on your job characteristics, if you have to travel regularly, an advance feeder will be a good choice, reversely, if your job doesn’t require you to travel a lot, then a basic feeder is your right one.

The amount of food delivered each time

There are two different types of feeding machines dispensing systems which are firstly an individual feeding bowls which will be opened when the timer is triggered, secondly, a programmed dispensing system which can distribute a specific food amount to the feeding bowl at scheduled time. Nowadays cat feeder can have from 1 to 6 individual feeding bowls with the food containing ability ranged from 175 to 500 ml.
There are also several automatic cat feeders which feature up to 10 dm3 food container. These devices can deliver regular meals for up to several weeks that suits people who have to travel a lot.

Food characteristics

The majority automatic cat feeders are designed for dispensing dry food, because the wet food can make dirt and grime to the dishes which will stimulate bacteria’s proliferation. I highly recommend people who travel a lot shouldn’t buy a wet food feeder. If you don’t have to travel a lot, a wet food feeder is very helpful because it can deliver delicious fresh meals to your cat. These devices feature an ice pack which can keep the moisture as well as the freshness of your cat food longer.
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