Nowadays most houses come equipped with a garbage disposal. While this is a blessing in the sense that it is a simple way to get rid of leftover food, it can easily turn into a curse when your garbage disposals blades become dulled and stop grinding food up finely enough that it can easily pass through the pipes.
As with everything, there are specific products on the market designed to keep your disposal running smoothly and cleanly, but try these five easy steps for cleaning and sharpening the
blades of your garbage disposal so it always has the freshest of scents?

  1. Use cold water, not hot.First and foremost, always be sure the water is running when you have the disposal on. Next, be sure you always use cold water when running food through the garbage disposal. Hot water will melt fat, which will later congeal and clog up the pipes making it difficult for other foods to pass through.
  2.  Never put fruits or veggies with stringy or hard parts in the disposal.To avoid leaving pieces behind in the first place, and in order to keep your blades working properly, avoid putting things like banana peels, celery, corn husks, potato and onion skins, egg shells, and fruit pits in the garbage disposal, as most disposals have a difficult time processing these types of things.
  3. Use a sink full of soapy water.When you’ve realized you have food trapped in your garbage disposal, plug up the sink, then fill it up with soapy water; use a bit of detergent or bleach if you like. Then, unplug the sink and turn the disposal on until all the water has drained from your sink and run through the system. This is the first step in washing away trapped food particles.
  4. Use ice cubes.Occasionally, toss some ice cubes down the disposal. While it is debatable whether this does, in fact, sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal, the hard ice cubes do serve to knock off hard-to-remove particles.
  5.  Use lemon or orange peels.From time to time it is helpful to grind up lemon or orange peelings in your garbage disposal. To keep your disposal smelling great.

Always avoid sticking your hands in the disposal. If you ever must reach in, first make sure that everything is completely powered off. If you have a serious clog or if the disposal jams, it is always best to call a professional.