Why do we need a delay pedal? What is it for? How to choose a good one? In this article, we are going to answer all of the above questions.

A short description of Delay effect

In order to create Delay effect, we must record a sound and then save it to a audio storage device, then play this sound after a while. This recorded sound can be played back several times or we can play it with the original signal with the aim of creating the echo effect. In order words, delay effect is divided into 2 categories – echo effect which is the repeat of a sound or the combination of 2 different sounds with one is playing later than the other.


In the past, in order to create a delay effect, musicians use tape loops. Together with the evolution of music technology, nowadays, we generate delay effect in such a simpler way which is delay pedal. In the 2000s, the scientists managed to invent the audio software plugins which can bring the pedal effect to audiences within a button press.

A few words about delay pedal market

Because of the wonderful effect these pedals bring to us, there’s a huge demand available in the market. That’s why there are also a lot of manufacturers who participate in this market in order to benefit from this huge demand. Therefore, please read carefully this review to purchase the best delay pedal for guitar.


Which aspects should you care about when buying a delay pedal?

1)    The pedal knob

A good pedal should have a knob number as well as a plenty of functions stick on it. There are also pedals with an oscillation and modulation function available on it. Most of pedals available on the market has 3 knobs which are for delay, repeat and blending effect.

2)    The budget

If you are not careful, you can buy an expensive pedal which values less than the money you have to pay. However, there are some pedals at a realistic cost but very useful such as Carbon Copy.


3)    The Delay time

The majority of delay pedals allow us to change the delay time length in a range from 20 milliseconds to 3200 milliseconds. Some of them have shorter limit which is only 600 milliseconds.

4)    There unique abilities:

You will have to pay more in order to get the unique features that the cheaper pedals can’t produce for example the reverse mode or the ping pong effect. However, with those unique effects, your audiences will drop their jaw for sure.

5)    Please read carefully delay pedals available on the market

You can easily find the useful information on the internet. So please spend time reading thoroughly and carefully about your willing delay pedal. However, keep in mind that there are some affiliate marketers who make money when you buy the product that they review. That’s why there will be some dishonest reviews. So when you click on the link that those reviewers post on their website, pay attention to the format of the link. Read this article for further information.