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In this article, I will help you understand about the pollution of water sources, its hazard level. Currently, in many places, water pollution is a very worrying problem. The speed of industrialization and urbanization and the rapidly increasing population pressure on increasingly heavy for water resources.

Water Pollution From Industrial Production

water-pollutionWater environment in many urban areas, industrial zones and trade villages increasingly contaminated by waste water, waste gas and solid waste. In big cities, hundreds of industrial production facilities are polluting the water environment due to no work and waste handling equipment. Water pollution from industrial production is very heavy.

For example, in the textile industry, paper industry and pulp and waste water usually has an average pH 9-11; index of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) can be up to 700mg / 1 and 2.500mg / 1; suspended solids … many times higher than permissible limits.

The water content of the waste sector contains cyanide (CN) over 84 times, exceeding 4.2 times H2S, NH3 exceed 84 times the permissible standards should have caused heavy pollution of surface waters in the region residential.

Water pollution in urban areas is most evident in big cities with high population density. In this city, there is no waste water treatment system that focuses directly discharged into the receiving water (rivers, lakes, canals). On the other hand, there are many production facilities is not wastewater treatment, the majority of hospitals and large health care facilities do not have waste water treatment systems; a large amount of solid waste collected in the city not to be … are all important sources of water pollution. Currently, the level of pollution in the canals, rivers, and lakes in the big cities is very serious.

The Problem Of Water Pollution Caused By Agricultural Activities, Aquaculture

Water pollution in rural and agricultural areas, at present in many places, most of the population live in rural areas where infrastructure is backward, the majority of human waste and untreated cattle should be soaked into the ground or washed away, causing water pollution and organically growing microorganisms.

As reported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in a developing country, the average coliform bacteria Feta change from 1.500-3.500MNP / 100ml in the riparian zone, rose to 3800-12.500MNP / 100ml of water channels used for irrigation. In agricultural production, due to the misuse of drugs and plant protection, the water in rivers, lakes, canals contaminated, significant impact on the water environment and population health.

Due to massive aquaculture, lack of planning, not to follow the technical process should have caused negative impacts to the aquatic environment. Along with the use of more and improper chemicals in aquaculture, the leftovers down to the bottom of ponds, lakes, and rivers make the water environment contaminated organic substances, making development some species of pathogenic organisms and toxic algae appears some; even showed signs of red tide appeared in some coastal areas.